Saturday, August 30, 2014

The world today (2014)

A world full of countless people, their smiles and their screams,
surrounded by each others devices, desires and dreams,
not as happy, progressive or prosperous as they might seem..

A connected world is what we live in today,
knowing what people are doing far far away.
A world where one has nothing to say,
to the people around.. the folks you see everyday.

A world being torn apart by boundaries - virtual but strong,
A world where there is no lie or no truth, no right or no wrong,
People silently typing away, on the roads, in the mall and in the park,
shrouded by the cloak of privacy and confusion, alone and in the dark.

Wars erupting everywhere, but reports of it being sporadic, mixed-up and rare.
People voicing judgements loudly everyday - being neither just or fair.
People torn between being cool and being alone,
try to join the stream of data and silently suppressing a groan,

The guiding principles of yesteryear are slowly gathering dust,
public agencies, private bodies act on just profit, pride or power lust.
The sun is setting on principles of equality, freedom and trust.
We are this way, as it is the way of the world today and because we must.

We are slowly shredding the planet and destroying our world,
slowly but surely, crisis after crisis might unfurl,
We must solve our moral dilemma and be people of god,
which god does'nt really matter, what matters is the actions we perform and the words for which we agree and nod.

Science must co-exist with nature and nature with humanity,
people must live in beautiful home with freedom and dignity,
Lives must be spent on enriching the world by doing good deeds and accomplishing great things,
The mind must have both knowledge and morality and wings,

We are not winged creatures, but one day we might fly,
or we might just starve into the dust and die,
The choices we make everyday determine our fate and the fate of the human race,
our actions create events leading to either progress or catastrophe across time and space.

The movies are right after all, but the life we lead might not be as cool or as spctacular,
but the end result of it could lead to the birth of a new revolution or the death of a vernacular.
Let us remember as much as the air the lung intakes,
that we are all responsible of the mistakes a society makes..

A flower can live in a desert and dream,
a starving boy can feel the rain and beam,
there are beautiful things happening everyday,
let us be one among what I say!

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