Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Sign Of the Times

Rainy days..dry wells
Crowded Buses..empty homes
Cell phones ringing..more meaningless talks in the air
Cricket craze..its in the glory phase
IT boom..lots of jobs..less work
Sensex talk...most of them senseless
Lots of strikes..whats new?
FM radio..prizes to be won and more!!
Traffic jams in hyderabad..where do we go now?
Orkut..and all that jazz
Contradictory social norms..another catch22
Lots of beggars..Developing are we?
Education bonanza..if u want it, u got it!
Festivals...celebration (with a reason too)
People in a hurry..where are they going?
ipods and mp3..the moores law still holds
Discounts everywhere..the SP remains the same
Trends and taboos..invisible ropes
'Under construction' boards..like the ones the road called life has
films and TV shows..the world is a stage
Then weekdays..(thts the catch)
Then weekends again..A cycle

Ah well,
Life goes On...