Saturday, March 31, 2012

God on Earth

Our world is made of water, ice, stone and dirt
home of thousands of species is the earth.
We sleep on the land, grow crops, hunt for meat and eat fruits from the trees,
we make houses out of sand and get fish from the seas.

Our world is powered by the sun and the moon,
we work from dawn to dusk and go about from noon to noon.
We are unaware of the history of our race,
we are still discovering the origin of life with time and from space
 Every person at some point of time in life wonders about how it all began,
how is it going to end and if there is a divine plan,
from the rumble of the distant thunder to buzzing of the bee
to the most furthest star the eye can see.

The mind wonders how things are and how they came to be..
we puzzle over the unknown and then mind slowly drifts away,
to a problem it can actually solve from happenings of the day.
Would the knowledge of everything change anything
did god really walk the earth as the sages sing
when did the universe get created and why
what happens to the soul when people die
what is the reason for our existence
why do certain things still make no sense
science and history are taking slow but steady laps
into the ocean of knowledge and are trying to fill the gaps
of our understanding of the real how, when and why
but one thing no one can deny
is that our mind is like a raging storm
it might find a clue from either outside or within the horizon 
and it might suddenly remember a story
of a forgotten God,of a concept or of a tale of miracle and glory

and suddenly the real moment of truth might come
which might make our mind and nerves go numb
and we might begin to collectively understand
the secrets hidden by the oceans and the land
but until then to science God will be an unlikely anomaly
and the ignorant human can go about his and her life footloose and fancy free..