Sunday, April 24, 2011


As I lay awake beside the window on the floor.
staring at the big full moon
A feeling of peace crept over me..
and I made my way to the door.

The terrace was silent, surrounded by trees
but not a leaf moved though there was a silent breeze
the world was asleep and covered with a silvery light
like a fairy had decided to magically light up the night

The moon was responsible for the silvery hue
The city lights were off and the stars were few
I felt magic around me, setting off invisible fireworks all around
and the dull red stone reflecting moonlight from the ground

The stage was set, an imaginary dance I could cleary see
and the sound of singing rivers and cheering trees added to the melody
the wind picked up things were swirling in the air
tonight was somehow special and rare.

I stood for long staring at the sky
daily life's problems disappeared and I wondered why
I never noticed how the moon can make things glow
and pick you up when you are feeling low

I slept on the terrace soaking in the light, moonbathing
my senses filled with sparkles and tingles as I lay
the moonlight took all the tension and dust away
I was ready to face another day

Every full moon while clocks tick and people snore
magic comes alive and magical creatures soar
while the world sleeps, beauty comes alive
does a hop, a jingle and a jive

I woke up when the sun rose again
It was another day, another cycle must go by
I must go to work..but moonbathing was great I think and sigh.