Tuesday, November 22, 2016

That beautiful day

Home came the greatest treasure
Beautiful and miraculous without measure.
In my arms, like a bundle, I carried her,
Cuddled her to my heart and held her near.

She had the most innocent face,
The tiniest feet and the warmest embrace,
My world was on fire, love was burning all around me,
Only her eyes, her smile, her hands I could see.

My body ached and my back strained,
My eyes hurt and my legs pained,
But the pain was wonderful and well worth my while,
After seeing my newborn smile

She cried and slept and fed and slept,
I smiled and fed and loved and wept,
My mother took care of us night and day,
Together we slept and played away.

Her father and her mother worried and prayed,
That she be protected and that goodness always stayed
Her heartbeat matched mine,
It was music most divine.

When I am down, in my mind I see,
The little baby who came through me,
As a blessing from God and then I say,
Thank you to God for blessing my everyday.

Love is scary, fragile, beautiful and blind,
It is also the best reason to exist, and the best treasure to find.
When worry and stress bind me,
Hope, love and belief sets me free.