Saturday, December 01, 2007

The thinker

A Long time ago, Far far away,
he sat under the sky and thought all day
about what we are and what life means
and the meaning of reason, heavens and dreams

After years of thought, he wrote them down to make them last
and then like everyone else on an ordinary day his mortal life was a thing of the past
Yet he lives on today and for eternity
in his poetry and his philosophy

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Sign Of the Times

Rainy days..dry wells
Crowded Buses..empty homes
Cell phones ringing..more meaningless talks in the air
Cricket craze..its in the glory phase
IT boom..lots of jobs..less work
Sensex talk...most of them senseless
Lots of strikes..whats new?
FM radio..prizes to be won and more!!
Traffic jams in hyderabad..where do we go now?
Orkut..and all that jazz
Contradictory social norms..another catch22
Lots of beggars..Developing are we?
Education bonanza..if u want it, u got it!
Festivals...celebration (with a reason too)
People in a hurry..where are they going?
ipods and mp3..the moores law still holds
Discounts everywhere..the SP remains the same
Trends and taboos..invisible ropes
'Under construction' the ones the road called life has
films and TV shows..the world is a stage
Then weekdays..(thts the catch)
Then weekends again..A cycle

Ah well,
Life goes On...

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Once upon a time
A flower which bloomed on a desert dry
wanted to see the whole world from the sky
and so it wished for wings to fly

Its wish was granted when an old bee lent its wings that fit
so it swirled into the air and danced with it
it saw valleys full of shadows and forests full of trees
and cities full of people and fishes in the seas

It was happiest however to see a beutiful garden full of flowers
they were prettier than a clear desert sky full of stars
it landed in the garden and cast aside it wings
and introduced itself to it colourful cousins

the flowers heard its tales
and they sang their wonder to the gales
and welcomed it to stay with them with glee
the desert rose accepted heartily

but as moments turned to minutes and days to years
the desert rose remembered the desert with many tears
the pretty flowers with shocked and said
'but why? it is much better for you here instead'

The rose said ' here i am one among many'
there the desert and the sun had only me
and i was a miracle, a treat to the worlds eye
and now i am nothing but an uproot which could fly

and so it said goodbye to the beautiful heavenly garden of eden
and to its enchanting brethen
and desended back into the world with the help of a dove
and returned to the barren desert with love

Monday, February 19, 2007


Beautiful white flowers
Swaying in the breeze
Twinkling stars
Hiding behind the trees

Simply stare
They offer no sympathy
In times of despair
How they torment me..

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I am..

I flow with the water
and sing with the breeze
I wander with the desert sand
blanket the wintry nights and freeze
I fly through the sky and laugh through the fields
I am all around you my dear
But more importantly i am in you too..
I know your wildest dreams and your darkest worrries
So wipe your tears, abandon your fear..
Hope is here.