Sunday, December 27, 2009

How to live and love

A strange topic, for a person like me...but as nobody is reading this blog might as well introspect on the web.
It is the one thing I want to do..I just have'nt found it yet. I keep hoping it is something respectable and ordinary and sometimes wish that i wake up one day and find out that my life is just the way I want it to be.

But you know what? life is never perfect to begin with.It has many things you might realize..eventually.. that you will want to change. The first step is the realization.

The second step is changing it..duh...but the third step is replacing it with something you want...and here is where I'm stuck presently.

I am not sure what I want to do with life. I know the attributes it needs to have.

I should love every minute of it...I should revel in every moment of its ups and downs..I should be able to sacrifice my sleep, my food and almost everything i hold close to my heart for it.

doing what I want to do in life must make me the person I want to the best to me... :)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dec 3rd 2009, Waiting for a train..

Listening to a song about Daniel going on a plane to Spain,
I was sitting in the station waiting for the local train.
I was going to work- it was an ordinary day,
started and continued and was likely to end in the same way,
every day from this Jan to this Dec did..

And then the sky opened and it started to rain,
first a little drop came and another and another came again.
gently it feel onto the platform
and finally the stillness in my heart felt within it a storm

the song faded away,
and the darkness of monotony became gay
people scampered for cover, but I stayed my ground
not everyday does it rain in chennai with that rythmic musical sound

The trees became vivid and green
around me was a beautiful scene
I took a picture of it in my mind,
so that, if i felt low that day I could rewind

to the time I was sitting on the platform seat
and watching the sky and the earth shake hands and meet
while I sat, my heart was dancing in the rain...
until the train to guindy came.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The gift

Champak was poor
no money, no relatives none near or dear
all he had was a gift
and gift helped his life shift
from a slum to a palace
from debt to grace

the gift was positivity
the super duper magical power which will help you see
and make your life become
what you want want to see and how you want it to be.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Choice of Words

warpped within a coccoon
with no time and no space
when later is no different from soon
and only thoughts to embrace

Walking through a forest
Running along with a pony
eating spicy food with zest
earning and spending money

how would it be
to dwell in a box
with no key and a big lock
only through the keyhole can you see

what beauty and magic
the world is made of acually

We are all in that box,
it is our daily routine
the key which actually unlocks
can only be seen

if you long for change and hope for better
and if you believe in something good
the box will unlock, and you will be
in a bigger box but this one should
have a smaller keyhole and more serenity.

the boxes stretch from here to eternity
until you can finally begin to see
that there were no boxes..just lack of positivity and clarity

Sunday, September 06, 2009


was it then, is it now.
when is it really
and where and how
you want this ,
or you want that
if not why
if so why not
if not, so what
why lie, why try
if not me , then who
do you know, can you guess
if you could would it be no or yes
which of either is better
half empty or half full
is it the first one, or the latter
or does the difference really not matter
is half between full and empty
or is empty between 'to be' or 'not to be'
the best answer and the no answer at all, is maybe.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer All Year

Time has frozen around me,
it is summer all year round.
like the sand beside the sea,
life is pressed against dry, grainy ground

the mirage makes me wonder
what is real and what is fake,
the thirst makes me surrender
the hot air makes me shake

the hummidity is like the cloth for winter
ready to strangle and suffocate
the leaves, the birds never stir
oh, please can't you see the world can't wait!

for the glorious rain to kiss their being
and the water to drown their pain
and green in trees and blue in lakes to be seen
for the spirit to be set free from the bonds
of the wailing, groaning summer songs.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summary of 'the Secret'

A secret to you, I will say,
a secret which will blow you away.
something which made people gods,
something which the wise applaud.

A secret which will open a door,
to all you desires and happiness galore.
Its just a line - a powerful one too.
a law of nature, impartial to what, why, when and who:

"Think that your dream has come true"
and the universe will be sure to take care of it for you.

Call me

Call me when it rains,
Call me when the smell of mud floats into your veins.
Call me when you'll be,
lonely in esctasy.
Call me when the moon plays with the clouds,
and the breeze sways the leaves in the trees.
Call me when you see,
a baby smiling happily.
call me when u feel full of content
and you are singing songs with no lament.
Call me when you are burning with spirituality
call me when you feel light and free.
Call me when love surges around your life
Call me when magic and joy cuts like a knife.
Call me when you see a shooting star,
Call me when your mind travels high and far.
Introduce me to your destiny
and make it mine too, if it'll be good for me