Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The earth has revolved around the sun once more and we are celebrating the (n+1)revolution with our usual festivity by spending time and money..what is time anyway if it is not used for fun? and what is money if it is not spent?? hell..what is life if it is not lived?
So despite the fact that every calender system (and there are so many) must start from a beginning, and the earth will revolve forever around the sun (it won't stop) we should'nt stop celebrating a 'new year' as life is itself for celebration ..though we cannot see a start or an end.....
this new year my resolution (like new year celebration, new year resolution is/was profoundly meaningless ) is to stop mourning over the limited understanding and knowledge of life i posses and try, instead to enjoy it and give it whatever i have..and to have faith
Faith is the best weapon we have against the troubles of our unending travel aboard planet earth..And faith in God (who wherever(here.. there), whatever(real...abstract), however (benign.. involved)) is like having faith that there is a beginning and an end..there is a journey..and there is hope and choice and love and a reason for everything..dreams, events, emotions and actions....

'Happy new year' to me and to whoever is reading this..whatever might be the time or date, or month..because some things don't matter..Some things do.


Change is everywhere
I can feel it in the air
it has survived the anger of time
the ravages of life,the pain of death,the cruelties and crime

Mankind has waged wars with it
aided by emotions, inventions and grit
but it saunters and sways away
oscillating from good to bad, from nothingness to nothingness day after day

So make peace with it and it will embrace
your destiny very happily.
what matters to it is not what you were or are
but what you did with it....