Friday, June 22, 2018

The Ty party

In a city named Serendipity, known for its civility and diversity, there lived two friends Honesty and Dignity who were sitting in the restaurant named ‘The Liberty’, which was becoming empty. “You in love!?”, exclaimed Honesty with alacrity. “Yes”, replied Dignity with certainty. “Which is nothing short of a calamity, as she is feisty, lacks modesty or subtlety”. He sighed –“But she has vitality and is really pretty. Her name is Vanity, oh what do I do Honesty?”. Replied Honesty, “Well, just tell her”. “But how??”, wailed Dignity, “I will lose my identity, if she refuses”. Honesty said “I can understand your difficulty and I can tell you with authority that truth has the power of infallibility, so state with clarity what you want to say. I’m sure you have the ability”. “But yes, it is indeed cruelty, but make your choice according to your priority”. Dignity thought for a long time and said with finality, “Thank you Honesty, I will tell her”, and then he left ‘The Liberty’. Honesty sighed. He was in love with Infinity. The problem was she was a celebrity and he was a generality. “Ah, the futility”, he said and followed his friend into the city.

Infinity was meanwhile being wooed by Suavity who had this infinite capacity to be haughty and the same time witty. Towards him, Infinity was filled with animosity but out of civility, she tolerated him. He was saying- “Even the gusty wind in the trees on a full moon would writhe with shame when it sees you and the sun---”. “Whatever!” thought Infinity with immunity, and was filled with gaiety, when her deputy and secretary named Ms. Unity interrupted- “I’m sorry madam, but the producer Mr. Majesty called, and said that if you want the part which will earn you immortality, you must meet him now.” “But it is so late”, exclaimed Infinity with asperity. “May I! “, said Sauvity with magnanimity, “it is my duty to escort you my lady to the fatty’s residence”. “No please!”, Infinity replied with insobriety, “It has been years since I traveled in the city with anonymity, and if u have any sensitivity to my seeming irrationality you will leave me alone”, she finished with irascibility and stormed off in her dainty attire into the city night..

Infinity then shivered at the absurdity of the actuality. The full moon night was misty and she had long lost her ability to find her way around the city. Hearing raucous laughter laced with crudity and fearing for her own safety she fled into a back alley and rammed into Honesty who was looking at her with curiosity.

Meanwhile, Dignity had sought Vanity who was sitting on her stairway looking down at him with docility. The very fidgety Dignity finally proclaimed with exemplarity, “Oh Vanity, I know very well, the egocentricity which is a part of your heredity, I know you are haughty and lack humilty. But unlike others I see in you divinity, a certain frailty and hilarity, and I want to be with you until I’m ninety. I’ll love you for all eternity. If you say no, I’ll lose my individuality and throw myself onto gravity. Say u love me too”.

Vanity looked at him with impassivity but when she spoke her voice was frosty, “You dare question the nobility of my dynasty! you sure are guilty of immaturity, but alas“, she added “It is my inability to resist your surrender to inevitability gladdens me..”, in a tone filled with joviality “And that I am your destiny”. And so they sat in an empty lane and filled it with festivity.

At the same time Suavity was comforted by Serenity who was a friend of Duality, who was the cousin of Unity. Suavity crumbled to self pity and heartbreak was on the verge of insanity when Serenity in all her purity cured him with words and gestures of a calming quality.

Curiosity changed to incredulity as Honesty beheld her beauty and frailty. He said, “Miss Infinity, I am well accustomed to the poverty of the city, I shall lead you back to your suite” ,“you mean back to captivity”, said Infinity taken in by his simplicity and charity. “I no longer want to go to work for Mr Majesty, I don’t want to be a cinema deity. I just want to see and experience the world” . “Will you show me around now, for at night time conspicuity abandons me”, and so Honesty wearing morality and cordiality as a shining armor understood the enormity and feasibility of the situation and took her through commonality.

A year later, jaunty Vanity and a full of stability Dignity, hearty Suavity and a picture of tranquility Serenity and velvety Infinty with the wonderful Honesty met at “The Vicinity Club” to discuss with avidity the abstrusity of reality over tea.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Just FYI: Self-Published

If you are reading this, then you have either unwittingly stumbled upon it while exploring the vast wilderness of the internet or you sometimes follow my blog. I usually write poems for light reading and I like to read them a few years later and even better, like to hear from people who liked reading them. There is nothing more gratifying to the amateur blogger than a comment either from a total stranger or from a dear friend.

I am happy to say that I have written a book. I wrote it a long time back, when I was pregnant. I wrote it for me and for the baby, so that we can be in writer's heaven instead of a chaotic commute to work for that 40 minutes in the morning, everyday. I fell in love with my characters, all 12 year old boys and the book literally wrote itself.

Now, after almost 3 years, I self-published it. Why? because I couldn't let go and I wanted to introduce the story to the world. Because the few publications I sent it to did not reply back and because every person needs to celebrate their passion.

If you have the time, money and interest, please do try to read and review it :)

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Chennai Times

It's summer time and blazing hot,
there are mirages on roads and 'easy', life is not.
 We try to avoid going out in the sun,
But we still end up having fun.

Eating ice-creams and biryani,
and sitting by the hot blue sea.
I think a lot of my weight,
making diets and marking dates.

I think I must eat lightly,
and be sweat free and slim and sprightly.
Until I end up having sweet tea,
or I end up eating biryani.

We talk about corruption with anger and hate,
while we inch toward the toll gate.
We pay GST reluctantly,
and watch political drama unfold on TV.

We try to catch the IPL match and support CSK,
and discuss it like we discuss rains, on this summer day.
We hate the TV serials and wait for movies instead,
We walk aimlessly in the malls until we are ready to drop dead.

 We earn and spend almost equally,
We fret about retirement continuously.
until we go out and order biryani.

There are many types of biryani you see,
basmati, jeera samba, bamboo and hyderabadi.
we discuss the flavour of spices and taste at length,
comparing shops and prices and taking more time than we meant.

According to the Oxford dictionary,
Biryani is highly seasoned dish of rice, meat and served with gravy,
It is a Asian delicacy, improved over generations, for you and me.

My mouth waters as I write,
I wonder if I can manage to have a biryani tonight.
I know it makes me fat and reduces my life expectancy.
But why live without having biryani.

Though I crib and cry,
about things I cannot control and sigh,
I do not control my urge you see,
when it comes to eating, sleeping or having biryani.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

That beautiful day

Home came the greatest treasure
Beautiful and miraculous without measure.
In my arms, like a bundle, I carried her,
Cuddled her to my heart and held her near.

She had the most innocent face,
The tiniest feet and the warmest embrace,
My world was on fire, love was burning all around me,
Only her eyes, her smile, her hands I could see.

My body ached and my back strained,
My eyes hurt and my legs pained,
But the pain was wonderful and well worth my while,
After seeing my newborn smile

She cried and slept and fed and slept,
I smiled and fed and loved and wept,
My mother took care of us night and day,
Together we slept and played away.

Her father and her mother worried and prayed,
That she be protected and that goodness always stayed
Her heartbeat matched mine,
It was music most divine.

When I am down, in my mind I see,
The little baby who came through me,
As a blessing from God and then I say,
Thank you to God for blessing my everyday.

Love is scary, fragile, beautiful and blind,
It is also the best reason to exist, and the best treasure to find.
When worry and stress bind me,
Hope, love and belief sets me free.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Happily Sleepless

Tonight is that kind of night,
When the inner light is too bright,
So brightly it burns that the body thinks it is daytime,
And all the sleep vanishes for no reason or rhyme.

In my waking state, in the dark, I dream away,
I search the net for beautiful and useless things, which I can never do in the day.
My baby grunts beside me and magical memories surround me,
I laugh, smile, sigh and old photos on my cell I see.

Sleepless am I when the city sleeps,
Chanting gods names doesn't help, nor does counting sheep.
It's a holiday tomorrow I think and shrug inwardly,
Forgiving myself of this anomaly and being alert and free.

Outside, the birds, the pets, the people are busy dreaming,
The full moon shines on me and I shine back, beaming.
My present state of mind is a happy mystery to me,
Unacceptable behavior as behavior can be.

I have two more hours of darkness,
Enough to ponder over my mistakes, make lists of cooking exotic sweets and cleaning up the kitchen mess.
Oh if only life was so simple and silly,
And the body didn't need sleep to keep it healthy.

Oh well, new year is round the corner now,
Now is the time to do things we love.
Happy happy holidays,
In the still of the night, the mind works in mysterious ways.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

ChennaiRains 2015

The southern city of Chennai was having a normal day,
Little did it know that in a few days it would be swept away.
The people of Chennai were going about their work,
Unaware that danger from the skies lurked.

The city with clogged sewers and encroachments began getting heavy rainfall,
The relentless downpour on the weekend disrupted traffic and affected one and all,
The citizens grumbled seeing the rain while at the door,
Now we have to get wet, they thought not knowing what they had in store.

The skies were black when Monday came,
The intensity of the rains was the same.
Braving the rains they reached their workplace,
Occasionally worrying about the weather while going about their daily work at the usual pace.
That evening they struggled to reach home because of the waterlogged roads,
The skies had opened and the drains were blocked and closed.

Weary from the travel, they called it a day,
While they were sleeping, the water level increased and it was raining away.
They then woke up to a fully fledged nightmare.
The lakes surrounding the city were full, the weight of the water they could not bear.
The municipal officers had no choice but to breach the biggest lake,
Angry water swirled into the usually dry river, leaving destruction and death in its wake.

The river water level rose and rose much to the peoples dismay,
Swallowed the buildings, the bridges, the roads in its way,
There was no way to stop the deluge and the water from entering their homes,
Angry river washed away roads and gates and lives amid cries and groans.

Power was shut down and phone lines were dead,
The city was dark, the skies were still angry, filling everyone's heart with terror and dread.
Parts of the city were submerged overnight.
For basic needs like water and milk, rich and poor alike had to fight.

In this darkness, people searched for light and hope,
Found that they had it within themselves and rose above the darkness to find a way out, to cope.
They formed teams, made food, got blankets and went in search of people in need,
For every cry, there was someone who would heed.
The crowd pooled supplies and sourced resources and tried their very best,
The army, the navy, the air force came in to take care of the rest.

Though the light was spreading, many lost their lives to the rains,
Cars, bikes, homes succumbed to the water which was supposed to go down into the drains,
Trash and sewage entered homes and lanes,
Diseases and displacement added to the pains.

Peoples homes were washed away,
Along with their savings and belongings, on that fateful rainy day.
Brick by brick the city needs to rebuild itself,
Prayer and hope should sustain it from within, along with love and help.

The infrastructure needs to be revamped,
Nature should reclaim its rivers, its ponds, its marshes and its swamps.
We must embrace change and work towards a better city,
A city devoid of plastic, open sewage, and illegal buildings, a city pristine and pretty.

We deserve a better place to stay,
Is something which people think and say.
So go do your bit to help Chennai regrow,
Good governance, good waste disposal and clean habits can make our city much better than the one we know.

Let us love ourselves enough and use the relief funds,
To build a better future for our loved ones.
Let us all overcome our sorrow,
And build for ourselves a beautiful city for a better tomorrow.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

On Top of the World

Above  the clouds, a 1000ft high,
where the world is silent and the powerful jets fly..
Life has a new meaning and shape,
the silence and the view provide a beautiful escape.
The earth is no longer flat and the rivers are no longer huge.
The sun is no longer small, and we can no longer hear the birds call.

Over the clouds and above in the sky,
where the powerful and the shiny planes fly,
We can marvel at the achievements of modern man,
and the technology we don't fully understand.
The million circuits and signals which make the flight airbourne.
The powerful engines which transport people from dusk to dawn.

At night, from above in the sky, we can see the bright city lights,
The view is beautiful with the city shining - brilliant and bright.
The haze of pollution is not visible from here,
The city population shrinks to your known friends, your near and dear.
The blinking lights of the plane give you a reassuring feel,
The trip accross the night does not seem like a big deal.

Some people don't don't appreciate flying, they don't care,
they just complain about the food, fuss about the time and at the airhostesses, they stare..

I just want a window seat with a view,
to look at the magnificent landscapes which seem alien and new.
 I love the sight of the molten sun rising slowly,
and the sight of the city buildings standing tall and telling their own story.

I wish someone invents wings soon,
so that I can feel the wind in my hair as I fly across the moon!
We aren't blessed with wings like birds but we sure can dream,
Of beautiful sights, wonderful adventures and incredible scenes.