Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summary of 'the Secret'

A secret to you, I will say,
a secret which will blow you away.
something which made people gods,
something which the wise applaud.

A secret which will open a door,
to all you desires and happiness galore.
Its just a line - a powerful one too.
a law of nature, impartial to what, why, when and who:

"Think that your dream has come true"
and the universe will be sure to take care of it for you.

Call me

Call me when it rains,
Call me when the smell of mud floats into your veins.
Call me when you'll be,
lonely in esctasy.
Call me when the moon plays with the clouds,
and the breeze sways the leaves in the trees.
Call me when you see,
a baby smiling happily.
call me when u feel full of content
and you are singing songs with no lament.
Call me when you are burning with spirituality
call me when you feel light and free.
Call me when love surges around your life
Call me when magic and joy cuts like a knife.
Call me when you see a shooting star,
Call me when your mind travels high and far.
Introduce me to your destiny
and make it mine too, if it'll be good for me