Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Evil World

Alone, no one to love, nowhere to go,
Surrounded by misery, poverty and woe,
sleeping in a cold dark place everyday,
feeling hope and happiness fade away.

The Orphan had only one friend and one enemy
and that was hunger..Hunger set him free
from the dark clutches of the miserable society

He craved for greatness in his soul
He had anger and an ultimate goal..

The goal was to make mankind pay
for the trauma he had to undergo everyday
He couldn't blame everyone.. that did not make sense
just a section of people, a minority..his hatred grew immense

Armed with charisma and gift of speech
foolish armies he began to gather and teach
He revolutionary ideas on race had a wide reach
crowds of power hungry men gathered to hear him preach

The attention gave him strength
but the hunger and anger never went
he broke laws, then made laws but it was never enough
he killed people, he destroyed towns but the inner storm was still rough

What was the end, he could not see
Reason and sense deserted him completely
he only wanted to be
powerful and achieve complete victory

He still thought the world was evil, but evil was he
the soul is a mirror of what you think you see
The view of the world depends of your upbringing to most degree
you become what you really want to be...

And he wanted to be seen and noticed and respected and despised
Anger and strength and power was only a disguise
To the inner confusion and longing of one small lost boy..

Who is this monster..who is he
who destroyed millions whose life was a tragedy
Is he fictitious or is he a reality
Why did he do what he did..
Is he Hitler or is he Voldemont
and what did he want?

If only orphaned boy had a happy childhood
then he would have and he could..
Have been normal and happy and peaceful and free
with normal likes and dislikes, as the world he could see
If only...