Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Irony and Tyranny rule the world today(2013)

New inventions every other day
are making the once new gizmos fade away..
The storage space in the hard drives have increased at an amazing rate,
The capability of storage of quiet memories in the mind is now in an alarming state.
Everyday for some fickle happiness in things and places we wait,
Every year true happiness which we find within ourselves is either never there or very late.

People are earning more than before
People are spending and wanting more and more.
The world is now just a village
all men and women are now puppets to their monthly wage.
The puppet master is seldom resting its ever growing arms
his interference in the village is slowly causing panic, hate, recession and alarms.

The World used to be so fresh everyday
now the man made cooler has imprisoned it and taken the freshness away.
The constant wishing for material comfort has driven man to war
Tyrants with the pen have waged war with the tyrants of the land
causing brief elation and then slipping away from the puppet masters hand.
The chaos of the currency grows and grows.
On the lives of innocent children it shows and shows.

Some countries are destroyed due to war and invasion.
Some countries due to financing and recession.
Some countries due to natural disasters and nuclear fusion.
Some countries due to poverty and corruption.
Some countries due to political stigma and isolation.

Where is peace how can this all end?
maybe the solar flares or the meteorites will a permanent hand lend..
to the anger which the soul of the universe shows,
To man on earth whose shadow of misery grows.
 Or maybe man will realize they all the same,
and color, caste, creed and race will all become insignificant and lame.

If wishes are roses, every man will garlands wear,
if he knew what he really wants they might be so aligned that theyd form a stair..
a path to heaven which is imagined by seers and all in the heart of their hearts,
a place so beautiful that life begins as a perfect dream starts.

all everyone really wants is true and self sustaining happiness..
where nothing is never less.
lets hope that happiness of all men align and everyone dreams the same dream,
of peace, beauty, perfection harmony, equality, prosperity of life and love,
if only there was enough love, half the worlds problems would disappear right here and right now.