Sunday, February 02, 2014

To Be

Always there is a thought,
which our minds entertain..
they twist and turn it,
until it fills our heart and brain.

Out of the zillion thoughts, very few tumble out
gain approval and course through the nerves to hands and mouth.
out of the countless things we do everyday,
there are several times that many thoughts
and at the fact is,
these thoughts take wings and become things.

These things are odd, they rule our life on earth.
 they are what distinguish us from lifelessness and dirt
if all of us thought one thing only all the time
our thought would course through the galaxy of nerves and become sublime.

they would be transmitted across time and space.
they would circle around the universe.
How can these weightless things make any difference?
is it destiny or is it spontaneous thoughts that make good deeds and sins?

Is the course of our life already written our stars
Or do our thoughts determine our progress.
Does dream or does destiny rule our happiness
or do they merge together like the yin and yang, one not more or not less.

Must we pray to the gods for good thoughts and hence good actions?
Or must we generate the thoughts from our daily life and possessions?
Aren't prayers thoughts too? or are they a science
do we act in random according to our body do we just say our lines?

There is one thing which I'm certain of
we are clueless of what we are about to do in the future
maybe we can plan but we can never be sure..

The paradoxal and never ending mystery of our life and things
with the emotions, influences, changes and freedom that it brings
Is indeed a thing worth celebrating about
The greatest bane on earth is self doubt.

We must always believe in ourselves and in our thoughts
more than fairies, horoscopes or miracles.
But not so much that you are completely sure of the progression of your things
for the universe would create some chaos and enjoy the confusion that it brings.

To surmise, self-belief is the most important thought of the lot.

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