Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Desert and the sea

She was slight and shy
a little more than five fee high
living in a village at the foot of the capital
where life was slow and the scene was quiet and still
 customs of the land kept her within four walls
she had never seen rivers, seas, forests or waterfalls
 but in the night she dream't of exotic lands faraway
but during the day she lived her life without any say

One day there was a bustle in the street
merchants from the sea rested in the village to sleep and eat
their clothing had whiffs of adventure and mystery
on the camels they had sacks bearing antiques of great value and history
from the capitol they were returning to he sea which had ships and treasures and whales
the and stirring up a storm in the desert town with their rich tales

Fatima stepped away from the din
she thought of her  mother, absent soldier father and her other kith and kin
and then her heart beat fast as she thought of the lands far away
and she made a choice and hid in caravans roof, and there she lay
she watched the sky as the stars peeped out at night
she looked at the capitol lights shining - distant and bright

must she listen to her heart and become a runaway
or must she be her normal self and be what she is everyday
is destiny written by actions or by the divine
can life be diverted from the obvious route by the force of mind
She though of everything she wanted to be
and the next day, when her mother opened her room there she was sleeping silently

She weighed her past and her future and her present
she counted her blessing and said thanks for things she previously did'nt
she understood that life changes on its own
that one must try one best to reach to one dreams but not at the cost of the respect of ones own
she vowed that she would try to go to the sea with good wishes and dignity

Dreams and destiny are intertwined
together they shine on and lead the otherwise blind
through the everyday of life
our story depends on how much we see
and how much we are the person we want to be
thoughts of future will lead to nothing except anxiety
thoughts of self lead to a better you and me
and then by extension a better tomorrow would be a reality

Fatima lives in all of us struggling everyday
wondering whether and how to break free
the goal of one life should be to make ones dream ones destiny..