Sunday, December 04, 2011

At the worlds end

A poor man am I
The end of my time is nigh
I recollect my early days as a wee lad
scrounging for food by the pier, alone and sad
the sailors came to dock with their ships
full of tales and rum and sprit, going on about their trips
and soon I began of dream of treasure and adventure
I decided what I wanted to be then - a wee sailor
so as a stowaway I crept into the Santa Maria
a big ship, the most beautiful in the area
I hid behind the barrels of food and then smiled
I waved goodbye to the cheering crowd and looked at the ocean blue and wide
I was alone but not unloved
I had my friends the wave of the ocean the sun and the cloud
the lull of the ocean caused me to fall asleep
that was when I was discovered and thrown in front of the captain in a heap
under his stern eye, I begged and cried
I promised to work hard, and wanted to be a sailor going beyond the high tide

The Captain did not make much of a fuss
the noble and brave captain Christopher Columbus
said he would not punish me nor would he pay
he would put me to work and then find a way
so I scrubbed the galley and the floor and manned the ropes
I helped the cook, tidied the brig and polished the oaks
The crew was pleased and they shared their rum by the night
when the moon shined on the waters and the stars were bright
I was a sailor my heart ablaze with glory, our flag was fluttering in the breeze
we were sailing to a foreign land across the high seas
in hope that we will reach quickly to India and see
its richness its spices, its gold and its splendid beauty

But the storm came one night with a sudden speed
the ship rocked treacherously with the high waves and the fierce breeze
I strained at the mast of the ship to steady the failing rope
and praying for survival and hoping against hope
the captain as strong as the storm urged us on
we struggled against the angry gods until the break of dawn
the clouds drifted apart and sunlight broke free
the moments of death had passed by me
we broke into a hoarse victory song
and the ship sailed on and on
One fine day on the mast was I, keeping watch
with dreams of riches and drinking from a bottle of scotch
when I suddenly saw a bird fly over the ship
a colorful and unknown bird making a quick trip
it soon flew away, I glanced in the direction and my heart skipped a beat
I savored the sight for a moment and then my date with history I did meet
'land ahoy!!' I shouted and shouted and screamt
Ahead of us was the vision we had dreamt

The moment is revisited over the years and across centuries
by every lad and lady studying american history
some moments are etched in time and memories forever
some adventures and journeys are far more precious than treasures
Mankind had made a discovery that day
in the form of a poor sailor from far far away