Monday, April 13, 2015

A Miracle

Her world sees the morning sun,
shining on her house,
she wakes up and breaks into the usual run,
and hurries to the office in her black trouser and white blouse.

Her day passes in a dream,
meeting and greeting people she has never seen,
after she has spoken and lunched,
she spends the rest of the day in front of her computer, serious and hunched.

She reaches her home after the sun sets, when the moon is bright,
she tiredly makes dinner and is then out like a light.
sometimes she laughs with her friends,
sometimes she buys clothes of the latest trends,
sometimes she visits her parents and brothers in her native place
sometimes she cooks for her relatives from her home base

The days simply blended into years,
she still has no time for happiness or tears,
One day when the sky was a brilliant blue.
she woke up and decided on what she would do.

She would go by herself to a resort by the beaches,
pamper herself, eat a lot of food till she bleaches.
she would break herself off from her daily routine,
Today, she would treat herself like a queen.

So, she packed all the trendy dresses she never wore,
said goodbye to her world and walked out of the door.
The beaches were serene, the crowd was sparse but she was full of glee,
she splashed in the water, sang songs with the hotel singer and swayed to the music happily.

While leaving, she bumped into a man with happy eyes,
and chatted with him the whole day, the whole night, until sunrise.
He was a traveller, his world was colorful and strange,
his words were like poetry, beautiful and powerful.

His eyes reflected the sun as it rose,
'what will you do today?  he asked softly.
'nothing important, that's for sure', she said morosely.
' then why don't you come with me to Spain, be a traveller, sing in the wilds and dance in the rain'.
She thought of a thousand reasons to say no, but they all slipped her mind, in vain.
' but will that make me happy', she asked desperately and sadly, trying not to cry.
'not sure my lady, there is only one  thing that can make you happy from birth and until the day you die'.
He pointed down and she looked at her reflection until the water retreated into the sea.
It's not the when and how or the why and what for, she realized and the thought set her free.

' I was happy talking to you', she said laughing.
' but we didn't say anything of importance and that proves that happiness is not a result of anything'
Smiling, she nodded and said 'you changed my life in one day but don't really know me.
Let's meet after my office hours and then decide what we can make out of today and see'

So then they returned to their respective lives.
The traveller travelled and the engineer strived.
But they were both happy souls now.
Happy, stupid, healthy and free.
And they lived their lives and thrived.

She married a wonderful guy her parents chose,
He merrily globetrotted for a decade until he fell for a woman full of woes.
Happiness like entropy increased with every passing day.
Every hour and every way.
Life is a miracle, a beautiful dream,
Inspite of what it may seem.