Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Isle of time

Surrounded by the ocean, in a place far far away
the island looks toward another day.
everything happens on time, there is no room for doubt
No unreasonable hope, uncertain wish or irrational shout

It is driven by some divine algorithm
its gambling houses are silent and grim
people know all, and what they don't know..they dont doubt
they think when the time comes they'll find out.

Every day they do what they are told
everyone has seen their future, every person young and old
the goats never stray, the children never pray, the market is never chaotic or gay.
even birds and waves maintain the order and follow the time every day.

There is no change is fashion as people have no will to change
change is a word which comes with the tick of the clock
but the hearts have no wish to have a life they themselves can arrange.
there is no feeling, there is no sun no warmth no pleasure no wine
in this isolated isle of time...

just rules to follow and functions to go by
but it all changed in the blink of an eye,
when she emerged from the ocean alien and blue
time froze and emotions began to spew

the world was in utter disarray..
which witch, what socceress is she asked all in dismay..

she is he goddess of doubt, the harbinger of change and the lady of tomorrow
who sows the first seeds which will into bright and beautiful flowers grow
their color will part the clouds and cause the golden sun to peep and glow
she brings color into our life and causes emotions to wash the grimness away
her name is Vision... and she will always save you from a rainy day
or from a dull life far far away.