Sunday, August 28, 2011

The rise the fall

heros and villians, good and bad
right and wrong are like the ebb and flow of the tide
The world of philosophy turns round and round,
just like the rotation of the sky and the ground.
we dont feel it or cant see it, but we know
the change is sure and slow

ideas are like waves in time,
the right of today is the wrong of tomorrow
the reason for yesterdays joy is todays sorrow
the mind is like a beautiful bay
clear and calm yesterday and stormy today
it is upto the heart to weather the change we see
we all handle our lives differently

What is the world we ask, the meaning of life
a collection of beautiful moments like the grains of sand on a desertland
or a journey on a long winding road with no guidelines or signs
but then why think all this why care
when the waves rise high and winds cry
how when what why
why we live and how we die

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