Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mid Year Musings

Cricket: India won,
but IPL, and therefore cricket stopped being fun.
World: Obama killed Osama
but that hasn't stopped the terrorists or the drama
India: economy seems at a high
but prices continues to hit the sky
World: Japan shook like a leaf,
the waves, the quakes, the radiation continue to give it grief
TN: government was voted out
only democracy has won without any doubt
World: William married Kate
finally after a long wait
Films were made,many failed
Ipad, Kindle and Skype was sold
laptops and mp3 have become old

Sai Baba is believed to have died.
everyone including god cried.
people smiled, people lied,
It rained, It poured, It shined
IT crowd continued to grow, continued to grind
gold became costlier, character became cheaper.
paradigms changed, values flickered and fell
Things are precious only if they sell

The world grows hotter
tempers grow shorter
people doing happy things all around
though adjectives are no longer as descriptive as they sound 

The world is changing and so am I
without a pause to wonder how or why
the future is locked by time as its key,
its story too blurred to read or see
I hope it contains chocolates, happiness, treasures, peace and love
A life full of meaning, enlightenment, beauty  and wealth
Tomorrow must surely be different from today
In a more colorful and profoundly better way

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Preethi said...

awesome :) i am publishin this.. :P