Sunday, December 27, 2009

How to live and love

A strange topic, for a person like me...but as nobody is reading this blog might as well introspect on the web.
It is the one thing I want to do..I just have'nt found it yet. I keep hoping it is something respectable and ordinary and sometimes wish that i wake up one day and find out that my life is just the way I want it to be.

But you know what? life is never perfect to begin with.It has many things you might realize..eventually.. that you will want to change. The first step is the realization.

The second step is changing it..duh...but the third step is replacing it with something you want...and here is where I'm stuck presently.

I am not sure what I want to do with life. I know the attributes it needs to have.

I should love every minute of it...I should revel in every moment of its ups and downs..I should be able to sacrifice my sleep, my food and almost everything i hold close to my heart for it.

doing what I want to do in life must make me the person I want to the best to me... :)

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