Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dec 3rd 2009, Waiting for a train..

Listening to a song about Daniel going on a plane to Spain,
I was sitting in the station waiting for the local train.
I was going to work- it was an ordinary day,
started and continued and was likely to end in the same way,
every day from this Jan to this Dec did..

And then the sky opened and it started to rain,
first a little drop came and another and another came again.
gently it feel onto the platform
and finally the stillness in my heart felt within it a storm

the song faded away,
and the darkness of monotony became gay
people scampered for cover, but I stayed my ground
not everyday does it rain in chennai with that rythmic musical sound

The trees became vivid and green
around me was a beautiful scene
I took a picture of it in my mind,
so that, if i felt low that day I could rewind

to the time I was sitting on the platform seat
and watching the sky and the earth shake hands and meet
while I sat, my heart was dancing in the rain...
until the train to guindy came.

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