Friday, December 25, 2015

Happily Sleepless

Tonight is that kind of night,
When the inner light is too bright,
So brightly it burns that the body thinks it is daytime,
And all the sleep vanishes for no reason or rhyme.

In my waking state, in the dark, I dream away,
I search the net for beautiful and useless things, which I can never do in the day.
My baby grunts beside me and magical memories surround me,
I laugh, smile, sigh and old photos on my cell I see.

Sleepless am I when the city sleeps,
Chanting gods names doesn't help, nor does counting sheep.
It's a holiday tomorrow I think and shrug inwardly,
Forgiving myself of this anomaly and being alert and free.

Outside, the birds, the pets, the people are busy dreaming,
The full moon shines on me and I shine back, beaming.
My present state of mind is a happy mystery to me,
Unacceptable behavior as behavior can be.

I have two more hours of darkness,
Enough to ponder over my mistakes, make lists of cooking exotic sweets and cleaning up the kitchen mess.
Oh if only life was so simple and silly,
And the body didn't need sleep to keep it healthy.

Oh well, new year is round the corner now,
Now is the time to do things we love.
Happy happy holidays,
In the still of the night, the mind works in mysterious ways.

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