Saturday, August 29, 2015

On Top of the World

Above  the clouds, a 1000ft high,
where the world is silent and the powerful jets fly..
Life has a new meaning and shape,
the silence and the view provide a beautiful escape.
The earth is no longer flat and the rivers are no longer huge.
The sun is no longer small, and we can no longer hear the birds call.

Over the clouds and above in the sky,
where the powerful and the shiny planes fly,
We can marvel at the achievements of modern man,
and the technology we don't fully understand.
The million circuits and signals which make the flight airbourne.
The powerful engines which transport people from dusk to dawn.

At night, from above in the sky, we can see the bright city lights,
The view is beautiful with the city shining - brilliant and bright.
The haze of pollution is not visible from here,
The city population shrinks to your known friends, your near and dear.
The blinking lights of the plane give you a reassuring feel,
The trip accross the night does not seem like a big deal.

Some people don't don't appreciate flying, they don't care,
they just complain about the food, fuss about the time and at the airhostesses, they stare..

I just want a window seat with a view,
to look at the magnificent landscapes which seem alien and new.
 I love the sight of the molten sun rising slowly,
and the sight of the city buildings standing tall and telling their own story.

I wish someone invents wings soon,
so that I can feel the wind in my hair as I fly across the moon!
We aren't blessed with wings like birds but we sure can dream,
Of beautiful sights, wonderful adventures and incredible scenes.

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Preethi said...

Nicely written..loved it :)