Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dancing the Sun Dance

A paradigm unchanging, unblemished and fair
with a bearing so pale and rare
cynosure of all eyes
rapture that nobody denies
A society trapped in the idea of beauty
the mindset instilled for generations with a sense of degenerate duty
a land seduced by the glimmer of gold
and pale skin bringing whiffs of worldly satisfaction untold
A sun where the sun sends its fiery blessing everyday
A land where from the sun society people shy away
erase your program come out and dance
forget you culture and with life take a chance
the sun is as real as the ground we stand
forget you trepidation and dance to a merry band
we are who we are not the melanin or the gold
you govern your life not the traditions untold
the sun dance is forgotten and buried away
the sun dance must we remembered by you and me today
courage is what you be what you dream to be
and sadness is what the society thinks you deserve to be
be a free mind and think about everything you hear and say
then you might just feel the sun dance jinglingly sway


Anonymous said...

beautiful. words rolled off my tongue.

Suganya Malar mani said...

Thank you :)