Thursday, September 01, 2011

The human brain

This thought process is a reaction to the book 'Phantoms in the Brain' by VS Ramachandran. We smile when we are happy, think when we are in a mood to contemplate and agonize when we are negative or depressed. All these chains of unending and constantly fluctuating thoughts are a result of our mind or actually speaking our brain. Our brain mulls Shakespear, admires beautiful places and people, calculates based on self determined formulae and parameters. It integrates our vision our sense of hearing our touch and our emotions. It defines every moment we live in and decides our actions and reactions and everything else we can think of.Why puzzle about the meaning of life and wonder if aliens and cropcircles are real when we have the greatest mystery and creation of all time sitting in our heads!
It is said that the Upanishads, ancient texts which contain boundless wisdom was mostly transferred from Master to puplil through speech but before that there was an ancient and forgotten era when the transfer happened through exchange of thoughts.Like when the bluetooth device on you phone connects to the bluetooth on the person close to you, so you can transfer pictures to his/her phone. Imagine - like John Lennon said, if that were to happen with your thoughts.Imagine if the human brain remembered the forgotton habit before if evolved by which it could also process thoughts along with sounds smells and sight. Technology will be rendered useless.If you had control, you can just think of a person and transmit your ideas accross. You can save lives, multiply exponentially your productivity and change the very face of the planet.
Whew! my brain wanted me to stop writing the various insane scenarios which would come up and analyze them. Guess it has a mechanism to prevent Bheja Fry (Bheja - brain).
 Whatever we ever do, however we define ourselves is upto the brain. That is probably the reason why self help books might help. We say - I am a person. That is how the brain defines ourself. The definition itself is a thought from the brain.The definition is a result of thoughts. Therefore I am a result of my thoughts. Thoughts involve thinking. I therefore think. (Duh..I know what you our thinking. Q.E.D. Descartes all over again. As though that famous line ever changed anything..yawnnn.) I am going to say it anyway.  I think, therefore I am..whatever I thought I am, er.. I think. But Admit it. That one line he said gives way to a whole philosophy and school of thinking. One more thing you have imposed on your brain by reading this.But just think of this: You think, you live. You stop thinking, you are not alive.
 Ok Time has passed. The human brain is a strain on the human brain. Stopping now..Fullstop '.'     

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