Sunday, October 31, 2010

An echo from long ago.

It was a time when life was simple. when all you had to think of was everything and all you had to worry about was nothing. My days in school were like that. I was undefined.. not of a paticular region and specific caste and typical likes and dislikes. When I saw people I saw them for how they acted, what they said and did. It was a free world.
Then everything changed after I walked out of that giant school gate for the last time. I was exiting forever a world devoid of labels and tags and judgements. the colours around me became tinged with grey. Went through college and 2 years after that. became weary for judging people and being judged.
And now I realize. What had changed after school? nothing had changed outside.not physically. but I had. I soaked up flavours around me until I melted into the pot.
And now I think. am I not distinct. and my head struggles and my heart cringes at the idea. What then do I hear? An echo from far away. reminders of another day. That everyone is different and everyday adds a different colour to our canvas of life. One day is a sad blue. One day a dismal grey and then the sun shines through and it becomes a golden hue.
What does the future have in store for you? Everything depends on what you say.As you are the painter of that canvas.
I want mine to be colorful. bursts of bright red and green among the mild pink and blue backdrop. golden stars here and there. rainbows stretching across every which way.
So when the painting comes to an end, the painter is smiling and crying. proud of her creation and happy with every tiny drop which contributed to the picture.

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Revathi said...

Good one sugs :)