Monday, October 30, 2006

The answer and the unknown question.

I’ve been reading hitchhikers guide to the galaxy part two and on the same day facing 5 various versions of academic evaluation and the combination has been rather what else can I do (apart from studying for the next evealuated component which is tomorrow and the five tests within the next week) is write about how disheartening the combination really is.

For those who don’t know Zaphod Beeblebrox(from the book i mentioned) is an ex-president of the universe who among other things jumped into his memory and hacked off the bits which held dangerous secrets. And because of something he is going to do he has been sent to the 'frogstar galaxy' for the anhilation of his soul in 'the total perspective vortex'. The torture machine is actually the simulation of the whole universe in comparison with your size. The victim of the machine will be so horrified that his soul will be dead.

What is the point of me telling all this?? Well, I’m inside a “the total perspective vortex” of my own. I had two tutorials, an online, a viva and a interview…all of which were ‘unsatisfactory’ and adding exponentially to the list of problems I have.

I mean why me? Can’t I just be this dreamy girl who want to work as a treasure hunter and several exotic places filled with good food and comfortable beds instead of being processed in this monstrous factory? The problem is’nt even the’s the fact that sometimes I don’t know what is going on...biasing a current mirror and then adding some other mirrors as cascade and still being unhappy with the gain is very irritating.. why make the whole thing so complicated fill books about what is to be done and then neatly proceed to the next chapter describing a totally different approach to the same problem? What is the point in it all??
Yeah, yeah…it’s the basis for all electronics on earth…but why is it so diffused and vague to me? Ah well…

The air has cleared now and a bolt of logic has hit hits me every day(solidly), that if I keep this up I’ll start writing poetry (vogon like)about my plight instead of making grades. Guess I should trudge on like Arthur dent(or maybe marvin) through the bizarre galaxy and find the right questions and the corresponding right answers..only around 42 more days to go anyway. Sooooo "MOS C-V understanding and the relevant sections" herrrree i come.


shruti said...

here, i have met my soul sister. :)

S4ur4bh said...


IMHO, marks and proving to the world is all farce ... !

And as you mentioned, the only person stopping you from becoming the treasure hunter is yourself :)